Udaipur’s New Generation Mineral Company

Amaryss Minerals is a next generation mineral company which believes in intense innovation to extend the horizon of mineral business across  the globe and explore the yet unexplored side in the world of minerals. We have a trust in the philosophy of systematic development which we incorporate by constant use of research and information to our advantage to understand future needs of the market. We maintain a transparency in our  product’s quality and pricing. Our aim is to serve a much wider base of clientele and help them to compete their global counterparts.


Our focus is on establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationship with clients and provide them products they have never experienced before. The service-centric approach enables us in delivering high value quality products which are completely in sync with market requirements. This has resulted in setting a benchmark in the quality of products against others of the same industry.


Our commitment to work at our absolute best and perform at peak will definitely give you dazzling results. Our entrusted partners are excellence and perfection and hence we have the power to prove our leadership in the mineral market.


“Look at us with trust and you will never have to look back.”